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Our history Company

Pastificio G.M.Irollo was born in Italy in Gragnano,
a city that has always been recognized as the European capital of the production of dry pasta.
Irollo brings to the table an experience marked by well-being, taste and balance.
Our exclusive recipe, the craftsmanship, the slow drying at low temperature, are a guarantee of quality and unique flavor. Our gluten-free pasta is processed to ensure excellence and perfect cooking resistance.
Strength of our pasta factory is the variety of shapes available to meet the different needs of consumers.
Nobody will have to give up the pleasure of a quality pasta dish!
Gluten-free pasta is highly digestible and, thanks to its simple ingredients such as corn and rice flour, it is ideal for people who are sensitive to gluten or with celiac disease who follow a specific diet with gluten-free foods.
All our products fall into the category “Gluten-free foods specifically formulated for celiacs”.
Gluten-free pasta is designed not only for celiacs or for those suffering from intolerances but also for those who want to vary their diet, in fact we have enriched our range of with a selection of bio shapes.

Pastificio Irollo

Production Steps

The passion, the care and the continuous search for the highest quality, which distinguish the Pastificio G.M. Irollo, accompany all steps of production.
Our production process follows all the phases scrupulously, following the tradition and skill of Gragnano pasta makers: we prepare the dough with high quality corn and rice flour and water from Monti Lattari; then follow the kneading, pressing, bronze drawing and drying at low temperature. All this allows us to preserve the unique flavor of Gragnano pasta, ensure an absolutely pleasant texture on the palate and a great capacity to retain condiments.
For this reason, Irollo pasta guarantees the complete preservation of the nutritional values of the raw materials.

Pastificio Irollo

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